Portland Composts!

There's a better way to dispose of food scraps other than to throw them in a near by bush or garbage can.

Did you know about 30 percent of residential wastestreams are made up of food scraps.

Removing food waste from landfills reduces carbon dioxide released  into the environment.

So in order to combat this issue Oregon has made changes to our recycling systems. As of October 31st Oregon launched their food compost program.

Oregon decided to stop throwing food scraps in with other was.

They've decided toprovide a separate recycling food compost bin.

Therefore, when you're done with your banana don't toss it in a bush throw it right in the composts bin.

Along with this change Oregon has also to decided to pick  up trash only once every other week while picking up composts every week. For more information please check out this article

Out of sight out of mind!

As you're eating dinner you begin to get full and decide you're done with your meal.
Next you slowly scrape the leftover scraps of mashed potatoes, salad and steak in the garbage.
The following Tuesday your garbage man arrives bright and early to pick up the trash.
You run through the house frantically grabbing any left over garbage.
Yet when the garbage man leaves, your trash becomes "out of sight out of mind".
Have you wondered where it all goes?
Well once our garbage is collected it is transported to a landfill. By definition, a landfill is a depression in the ground where trash and waste are stowed.
Once trash reaches the landfills it's either buried or or burned.
That's why it's important to recycle to keep our landfills free of any toxic waste that may cause harmful effects to our environment, but to us as human beings.

Don't trash it. Craft it.

On an average day we throw away countless household items such as egg cartons, bleach bottles,plastic

bags, carboard etc. Instead of reusing what we think is trash we spend thousands of dollars purchasing the

same products over and over. We tend to think that this items are meant to be trashed when in reality they

can be crafted. If we start thinking outside the box we can create new items out of recyclable items.

Not everyone is in touch with their creative side. So if that's you there other ways to reuse these items.

There are a million and one ways to transform our waste in reusable items.

The next time you recycable items don't just trash them craft them.

Below is a list of ideas on how to reuse items