What Is the Size of Your Carbon Footprint?

Have you ever wondered how big of a “Carbon Footprint” your household is leaving? Well now you can find out with the use of the Carbon Footprint Calculator! A tool provided by The Nature Conservancy who’s “working to make a positive impact around the world in more than 30 countries, all 50 states and your backyard.” There website: www.nature.org provides many different features for it’s users. Articles, photo and videos, a blog, and tons of information on various aspects of green living and other topics surrounding the environment make this website a very useful tool in for any eco-activist. But I was specifically impressed with the Carbon Footprint Calculator.
The calculator allows will estimate how many tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that you and everyone else in your household creates every year. It asks you questions about your home life, driving and flying habits of your household, your eating habits, recycling and waste questions etc. The calculator takes this information and gives your your estimated household Carbon Footprint.
The calculator results are really quite shocking. I think that everyone should try the calculator to give them idea about how the choices they make are affecting the environment. The results will undoubtedly inspire many people to change some of their habits, especially in regards to what they throw away and recycle, and help reduce their household waste streams!
Go straight to the calculator through this link: