America Recycling Day – November 15, 2011

Although this message may seem simple, it is direct and to the point.  Recycling is something that anyone and everyone can do no matter what your age is.  Even the smallest of contribution in relation to recycling can have an impact.  America Recycling Day pays extra attention to the importance for all American’s to get involved with recycling. For almost 14 years now America has considered November 15 as a day for all Americans to participate with any type of recycling on this day.  This day is designate to educate, motivate and get people involved with any recycling event, project or individual activity.  On the America Recycles Day website you can take a pledge to recycle or learn other information in relation to recycling.  Everyone creates waste on a daily basis whether it be Municipal Waste, Electronic Waste, or Hazardous Household Waste.  It is estimated that every day an American Family can produce on average a little over 4 million pounds of hazardous household waste alone, that if not recycled could end up in landfills in your communities.  Since we all contribute to the waste problem, then we should all want to be part of the solution.  We need to learn alternatives to throwing away everything into the local landfills and become better recyclers in the process.  I took the pledge to participate so how about you?  If you believe that we need to save our environment then get involved along with those around you! 

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