Reuse that Wrapping Paper!

           With all of those packages, boxes, bubble packs, wrapping paper and ribbons, etc. that products come in, there are more frustrations than just the fact that it takes forever to get them open without hurting ourselves.      Approximately one third of all packaging ends up in the landfill but we can reduce this dramatically by following the old “reduce, reuse and recycle” adage. 
          The holidays are right around the corner, this will give everyone the opportunity to take a look at how much waste is generated by gift giving and to be creative with how they reuse or dispose of the aftermath. 
          One thing that you can do is to choose the items that you purchase based on the amount of packaging or on the recyclability of the packaging.  Some manufacturers have made changes to their processes using few and more recyclable materials but it is up to us to make sure those are the products we choose. 
          Another thing that will help is to purchase in bulk rather than buying many small packages.  This would include concentrates and refillable containers.
          The next suggestion is to use reusable shopping bags. If you take your own bags it reduces amount of single use bags that are distributed and ultimately thrown in the trash.
          Lastly, reuse packaging whenever possible.  Reusing packaging will reduce the amount of waste that goes in the landfill and save you money by not having to purchase additional shipping supplies, wrapping paper, styrofoam and cardboard and other items that can be used again instead of being throw away with the trash.

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