Recycling, reusing used electronics

Recycling, reusing used electronics 

The idea of recycling used electronic devices isn't exactly new. People have been doing this forever through sites like Ebay and through classifieds, pawn shops, and the Goodwill. If you go into a Goodwill store you will see dozens of electronic devices for sale including mouses, keyboards, cell phones, and computers. If you look on sites like Ebay, you will find everything from speakers to Playstations.

The number of organizations that exist nowadays that recycle these devices is also mind boggling. There are also a large number of solutions for E-waste that includes trade-in electronics for cash and gift cards, donating to Goodwill's ReConnect Program, giving cell phones to soldiers and other good causes, reconsidering upgrades to new phones, and getting involved with the recycling community.

I feel that that if people played more of a role in cutting down their own roles in making E-waste, then the planet would likely be much better off than it is right now. Many of the electronic devices that get thrown into landfills contain very toxic chemicals that can harm the environment and leach into the soil and pollute an area for decades or centuries. some damage can even be irreversible.

It is very important for everyone to work towards eliminating unnecessary waste from our landfills and look towards recycling more often. There are many countries around the world that would be happy to take our second generation Iphones and two year old camcorders. I feel that our society is really geared towards consumption of the lastest and greatest things, when we should really be focused on conserving the greatest thing we have of all, which is our planet.

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