Recycle Your Batteries

Wait!  Don’t throw those in the trash.  Please… RECYCLE your batteries!
Look around at your electronics -- most consumers will realize that a majority of the devices we rely on require at least one battery. We use batteries in our alarm clocks, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, remote controls, cell phones, laptops, cameras, flashlights, tools… and countless other items.
Did you know…?
It is estimated that Americans use three billion dry-cell batteries each year.
So - the question is, do you recycle your batteries or do you throw them in the garbage where they end up in a landfill? When you throw used batteries into the garbage can.  We, as consumers, need to inform people that batteries should be recycled and NOT thrown away.
Did you know…?
It is illegal to dump corrosive or harmful items into landfills.
Batteries contain both recyclable materials and harmful materials -- some of the corrosive materials and harsh metals inside batteries are harmful to the environment and pollute the ground, contaminate our ground water and if the battery is accidentally incinerated it pollutes the air we breathe.
Although re-chargeable batteries are more available today than previously, we still use the single use batteries more frequently.  Re-chargeable batteries may aid in using less of the single use batteries; however, they also contain hazardous materials that should be disposed of properly.
If we recycle batteries, we are helping to keep these harmful contaminants out of our landfills, ground water sources, and our air. Recycling also helps save natural resources that can be salvaged and reused to make new batteries.
Did you know…?
Many electronic stores have a recycle kiosk for consumers to recycle batteries and other related items.
Choose an environmentally friendly alternative the next time you consider throwing batteries in the garbage.  Take your batteries to your local recycling center or contact a larger chain store like Best Buy or Radio Shack to find a drop-off.  Each of us can help make a difference.  If you are environmentally conscious, recycling batteries also makes you feel better.