Recycle Fail in Minnesota

A recent analysis has shown that 18 million pop and beer cans and 19 million plastic bottles are going into the trash instead of the recycling in Duluth, Minnesota! What a waste!

In the Duluth, recyclable material being discarded is estimated to be more than $721,000 per year,  which includes more than $400,000 worth of aluminum and close to $200,000 worth of plastic.

This is a great opportunity for Duluth to step up their recycling game, and make a huge difference in the environment. The citizens of Duluth can raise awareness about this issue, and encourage fellow citizens to recycle their beverage containers. Now that the information is known about how much recycling is NOT happening, people can determine what the barriers are to recycling and work on making it easier for people to do it, and save lots of money and waste for the city.

duluth, MN recycling failure