Now you can turn office documents into toilet paper

Not happy with the budget report? It may be satisfying to know that it will be a roll of toilet paper in half an hour. A Japanese company has invented a device that can turn office documents into toilet paper- on-site! It's called the white goat, and it can turn 40 sheets of office paper into a roll of toilet paper in just 30 minutes.

The device removes staples, shreds paper, turns it to pulp, and then flattens it and rolls it into toilet paper. Not only is this convenient, it is economical. It can produce a roll of toilet paper at about 10 cents per roll, instead of the standard 17 to 59 cents per roll. It also saves on packaging, shipping expenses, and the cost of offsite recycling.

The cost of this machine is $100,000, a fairly hefty pricetag. However, the machine will pay for itself, as it saves on the expense of having to buy toilet paper. It is a great option for large companies that have a flexible budget that is large enough to accomodate this. Companies that strive to be on the cutting edge of being green can gain major bragging points by purchasing this innovative device.

As consumers, we can put pressure on companies we do business with to get something like this, that will save not only on expenses but on paper waste.

As employees, we can educate our employers about this, and encourage them to make the leap toward a greener future.

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