Climate Change Because of Global Warming

Khadija Al Mousa

Climate Change Because of Global Warming
Does Global Warming affect us as a group or as individual? Can people help decrease this problem? Global worming happens when the average temperature of the earth is high, and it gets high disasters can happen on many occasions. Moreover, high temperature will change the climate temperature in general. The global warming affect us as an individual before it affect us as a group based on the rights perspective.
What is the right perspective? As Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J, and Michael J. Meyer said about the Ethical Perspectives, they described the rights perspective as: “Identifies certain fundamental civil, political and economic rights that merit protection or respect because they pertain to the dignity of the human person. Each person has a fundamental right to be respected and treated as a free and equal rational person capable of making his or her own decisions. Examples of rights that are traditionally recognized in this approach include: the right to privacy, autonomy, the right to subsistence, freedom of conscience, the right to physical integrity, etc. The principle states: Act in ways that respect the dignity of other persons by honoring or protecting their legitimate moral rights.” Therefore, how can people stand for their rights? Well, by encouraging each other to save the planet. For example, decreasing the usage of cars, if the usage got low, then the temperature will get low, too.  
   Climate changing is caused by global warming which is becoming a big issue nowadays; because the earth is warming up. Anup Shah mentioned in her article “Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction” that not only people activities can cause the heat but also the environment cycle is another reason. In other words, our environment can be one of the reasons that can cause climate changing beside humans activities. For example, building greenhouses can be one of the reasons to cause that. We might do not see it as an effect to the environment; because trees take CO2 to breath and give us O2 which will clear the air. However, the main gas that comes out of the greenhouses is CO2. So again, the tress takes CO2 but when the wood dies, it will be returned back to the air. In those kind of situations, comes the “Ethical Dilemma” where you have two important things that you value a lot and you have to choose one of them. So you have either to save the environment or save other humans. In other words, what do you value more? Human rights or saving the environment? Personally, each person has to choose either save her/his life and the rest of people or choose to suffer and other people will suffer and probably die, too because I value human rights more. And what makes it important is each one of us should think as if s/he was responsible for the rest. And saving the world is in her/his hands and to make the right choose to save us all and make sure other generations have a better life to live. On the other hand, if nobody cared about this issue, each human being on earth will suffer at first from the heat and die eventually. Everyone in the world is responsible and involved to solve this problem. We all can decrease climate changing by using other sources for energy like the wind energy and local power provider.
Maurizio Petrone and SEO Specialist provide us with 5o ways to stop climate changing: “Use less hot water, take a shower instead of a bath, recycle your organic waste, cover your pots while cooking, use the washing machine or dishwasher only when they are full, reuse your shopping bag, keep your car tuned up, and try car sharing, etc.” In other words, if everyone did those ways we can all easily stop the climate changing or at least decrease it a little bit.
One of my friends when we brought up this subject she totally refused to help. She said: “It is the government and the people who care about the environment responsibility to solve the problem, I should live my life the way I want and they should find a way to protect me and make sure I live a safe life because it is not my fault.” She said that because she is looking at it for her personal perspective which is fairness. She also said that: “it is not fair for all of us because some people will kill them selves to safe the plant and make effort, who is defiantly not me, where the others will be damaging it more and more. So it is not fair to make people do the work while others do not care, we should all work together or I won’t do the work alone”. Personally, I disagree with her because it is our environment and our planet. There are people who is living with us we are not alone and we should think, act, and be like if we were one person. I do not think it is the government or people who should take care of the environment because if you think about it there is a few of them comparing to the rest of people. I always keep in mind a quote my mother always say to me which is: “ one hand do not clap” which means you can not do anything by your self you need other people to help you, get the work done, and survive. But what I really think it means is that one hand is me and the other hand is a person or a group who is helping me and when we work together and achieve something that is the sound I get when I clap my hands together but if I worked a lone and tried to clap with one hand I won’t hear a sound.
Decreasing the heat of the planet can be an easy problem if someone stood up and make it more obvious to others what exactly we are facing, what are the threats, what happen if we did this, what happen if we did not worked together, … etc. Each person should be responsible to save the earth, and this can happen by advising and telling them what to do and give them a clear and simple picture what it will look like if we all ignored climate changing.
In conclusion, climate changing is an issue that we might not be aware of. Keeping our life safe and make sure we get a better life; we first need to live in a safe environment. Therefore, if everybody tried to reduce the usage of cars, heated water, and used other energy sources which won’t hurt us. We all can be as a person and save our plant from global warming that causes climate changing. By focusing on what Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J, and Michael J. Meyer said in “Thinking Ethically: A Framework for Moral Decision Making”:The right not to be injured: We have the right not to be banned or injured unless we freely and knowingly do something to deserve punishment or we freely and knowingly choose to risk such injuries.” So, each human have the right not to be harmed only if we did something bad or wrong, but it is not right to get hurt because other people do not care about the environment and think it is the government or people who take care of the environment duty. We all value things which is different from others so let’s respect others values.
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