Unique Biodiversity Loss

Unique Biodiversity loss
The earth has encountered five mass extensions periods, unfortunately the sixth and highest is accruing now. This period is unique because it’s the first to be triggered and caused by humans and also it has the fastest accruing rate. This period’s rate is 100 to 1000 species grater than the previous periods. Moreover, more species are experiencing a population decline and are in danger, which is a sign of extinction. The population reduction is causing another problem which is the reduction of genetic variability necessary for living species to adopt to climate changing that we are experiencing.
According to The biological principle of competitive exclusion, every species living on earth expands by taking other species place and on the expense of other species. This applies on the expansion of humans on earth. Humans are the dominant species on earth and our expansion is on the expense of another species and it is making it hard on other species to survive.
The resources on the earth is limited and shared by all species. Humans are taking and using most of the resources on the earth and destroying its own supporting system that we relay on to live. This can be seen in the graph, Ku is the limited resources on earth while Kt is the resources used by humans. The remaining resourses for other species to use is the small space between Kt and Ku

By doing so, other species will extent. Some of the solutions we see is protecting the species endangered and switching to another species and altering the supporting system, but this is not a solution since humans will only put another species in danger. The right solution to this problem is limiting the total resources amount used by humans.
Loss of biodiversity is a problem caused by humans nowadays. The expansion of humans and the amount of activities done by humans is increasing the rate of what we take from earth while decreasing the rate of what the earth can give. It is a period triggered by humans and a period that humans will suffer from 

By: Majid Yaqoub