Risks Associated With Humans, Leading To Loss Of Diversity

Im pretty sure by now that we all know the effects that man has on the environment and the life within that environment. Some actions are ok, but an overwhelming percent of human activity is destroying the biodiversity on life. In 1999, Environment New Service reported that at current rates, human activity is increasing the number of endangered or extinct life on the planet at 1,000x of the natural background rate. If the trend continues, within the next century, the prediction is going to multiply 10x and move up to a 10,000x rate extinction/endangered rate than normal background rate. The background rate is the natural rate of death of life, or loss of habitat due to natural forces. Human activity is disrupting this natural cycle 10,000x with acts of normal life. This range from everything from over producing commercial fishing, deforestation for wood products or cattle crazing, pollution of the air and or water, as well as loss of habitat due to urban sprawl and other factors. Its a crazy thing to think about how much of an impact humans can have on an entire planet.

Read more: http://www.globalissues.org/article/171/loss-of-biodiversity-and-extinctions#MassiveExtinctionsFromHumanActivity

Brandon Quintel