Preserving Biodiversity ~ A Preview of the New Website

Summer 2011 Multimedia Capstone Class Website
IT'S COMING! The summer 2011 multimedia capstone class is preparing to launch its WEBSITE about preserving diversity. It’s loaded with information, fun stuff for kids, ideas, and solutions for what you can do to preserve biodiversity in the world and in your own backyard.

Here’s a sneak peek!

Five Things You Can Do to Preserve Biodiversity

1. Recycle grey water. It’s not just for flushing down the sink. You can use the grey water in your home to water your garden. What is grey water? It can be the water from your humidifier, water from the pasta pot, or when you steam corn-on-the-cob.

2. Do you know how much greenhouse gas you are emitting? Use the EPA’s Household Emissions Calculator to find out.

3. Grow vegetables in your own garden. Make sure to freeze, or can enough for the winter months. Did you know that August 13 is National Can-it-Forward Day? Check out all the fun events!

4. Buy air-conditioning and refrigeration units using refrigerant, which emits limited CFCs into our air. And while you are at, up the air conditioner temperature by two degrees. Lowers energy and saves $$$.

5. Plan, plan, plan. When running errands try to get everything you need in close proximity, and in only one trip. Also gives you more time to spend in your vegetable garden!

Tell us some of the ideas you have to preserve biodiversity. Comment here or visit the EcoMerge Facebook page to post your idea. And while you're at it, Like us!