"Ongoing biodiversity loss"

Biodiversity loss is ever increasing and “protected areas”  through laws and other means is not stopping the damage from happening. This is something that changes so rapidly it is hard to help the loss from happening or cease. "...human population growth and consumption levels indicate that cumulative human demands will impose an unsustainable toll..." 

 While many people have ideas of what need to happen and even change, we have to remember that we are all in this together, people, plants animals and biodiversity. When one gets damaged the other suffers and visa-verse. It is our job to secure diversity position and our by working together rather than destroying it faster than it can replenish itself.

We also need to consider that if we don't work towards restoration that we will lost the support of government and other agencies to change and or fix the problem.

Photo Credit: Katy Walters



Blog post: Michelle Connolly