Loss of Biodiversity Affecting Poorest People

The loss of biodiversity around the world is not only affecting the planet and organisms living within the affected areas, it is also affecting the poorest people around the world. Scientists now are speculating that we are facing the biggest change and loss in diversity and threats to the natural world in millions of years. With this, they are also speculating that three species are dying out every hour on the planet somewhere. At this rate, it is speculated that we will loose 11% of the natural areas on the planet by 2050 if we fail to remedy the situation. The reason that this is affecting the poorest of people, is that areas of agriculture are being affected by this and with that, the rates for food are sky rocketing, making it more and more difficult for people to afford food. If we loose more and more natural lands as well, we are going to loose areas of agriculture, again putting the squeeze on land area in which we could grow food and cattle, in effect, raising the prices yet again. We are accumulating massive amounts of CO2 due to deforestation, and loosing large amounts of fish that are not given time to regenerate due to overfishing. What is said that needs to be done is to implement conservation policies everywhere on the planet and adhere to them. If we all have the same policies, we can all be assured we are doing the same to preserve what we have.

read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/loss-of-biodiversity-threatens-livelihoods-of-worlds-poorest-836754.html

brandon quintel