Those pesky species could save biodiversity

In every ecosystem there are multiple elements of animals, plant life and human influences and each of theses pieces has a role. The plants and animals that are included in the ecosystem all work together to create the sustainable life that they have. As soon as humans start to change things and take out elements, we implement this altered chain of events that could create a negative ecosystem impact.

This article discusses some threats to Biodiversity which includes a change to the ecosystem as they discuss the impact of trying to remove coyotes from southern California. With the removal of this element in the ecosystem, the animals that normally would not exist because the coyote would hunt it like the raccoon increase in population and destroy more of another animal below them. The human role of trying to remove coyotes from the area seemed like a beneficial change to the ecosystem for the humans, but it overpopulates another species which hunts more of another species.

The impact of each element in each ecosystem is hard to see sometimes until it is changed or removed and the results are shown. As the human population continues to try and improve the ecosystem atmosphere, the effect each step will have on Biodiversity should be considered.

The article that was used for this post is listed through the Ecological Society of America at

Author: Rachel Specht