Massive Extinctions From Human Activity

Mankind is the reason so many of the world’s species are extinct and ecosystems destroyed. Since the industrial era, ecosystems have been flattened out for whatever purpose, and too late people are realizing the importance and the value of the ecosystem. Everything that people have done without thinking for the future is causing problems for all organisms.  In the sea, excessive fishing has caused many species to grow extinct, and harbors and ports and heavy sea traffic destroy coral reefs. Hunting the big fish in the chain creates dominance by the smaller fish, and the food cycle changes. Abuse of agriculture destroys ecosystems as well. Rivers are drained, wetlands are bulldozed over, land is dried out. Organisms lives are disrupted and it can take decades to restore ecosystems. Dead zones, where oxygen is too low for marine creatures, are increasing as waste is dumped in the water. Forests are destroyed to make room for construction, and trees are torn down for lumber. Animal life that relies on the trees are forced to find a new place to call home, which is a difficult task when such a drastic change in habitat occurs. Trees are also natural barriers against floods and avalanches, and heavy logging makes civilian communities more susceptible to natural disaster. 

In the end, with water pollution, oxygen levels will soon drop down more over wider areas, and marine life will soon cease to exist. With over-cultivated land, more land will be used and abused for agricultural needs, and soon, there won’t be any viable land. Air pollution affects the flora and fauna of the globe. Sustainable practices cannot bring back the life that has been taken, but it can prevent further life from being destroyed. When species go extinct, it is a shock for the habitat, and a major adjustment. Ecosystems need to be protected to better serve us in the future. 

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