Desert Plants That Change Biodiversity

The Salt Cedar plant is one plant that changed Biodiversity when it grows. This plant sucks up the water surrounding it, which is already limited in such dry conditions, and uses it for itself. By doing this the water level around the plant is lowered and doesn't allow for the few water puddles or ponds that are available. There are many living things in the desert area that rely heavily on the limited water options to survive, as this plant moves in, those living things are not able to survive. This plant also releases salt from it, hence the name Salt Cedar, which dries out the land surrounding it even more.

One living thing that is damaged by this plant is the Desert Pupfish which is endangered. This fish lives in the small puddles that are available, but as the water level drops the puddles dry up and the fish die off.

Other plants that affect Biodiversity include a variety of plants that take over an area destroying the diverse plant life and creating an area covered by one type of plant.

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