Biodiversity - Biotech for Biofuels

Biodiversity is just what it means: the diversity of life and its living organisms. This specifically pertains to organisms that help the ecosystem.  There are several different types of ecosystems on the earth and they each do something different and unique and very crucial for a balanced life on earth. Ecosystems are what make agriculture a flourishing activity. The proper ecosystem helps agricultural processes be more sustainable and less detrimental to the earth.  The proper method of agricultural processes prevents habitat destruction, which destroys the ecosystems of living organisms. In the world today, we are beginning to realize that the more land that is wasted for agriculture has a negative effect on the growth of other habitat and the possibility of further agricultural processes on that land. To be more sustainable, remedying the problems in already cultivated land is a slow start to recreating a habitat for organisms to grow and prosper. The most difficult aspect of sustainable agriculture is finding the balance between product results and biodiversity. Habitat loss in unfortunately unpreventable when it comes to manmade activities, but protecting the other habitats is an obligation to the future. If all the land in the world is cultivated without a thought to the organisms that make that land what it is, there would soon be no cultivatable land. Sustainable processes make it easier for land to be used over again without causing habitat loss. But with the population increases each year, more land is needed to feed the globe. Technological advancements are crucial to the safe use of land. Over 40% of world land is used for agriculture, and the safest increase per year and the most sustainable practices of agriculture on the land are key to the sustainable future of all ecosystems.
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