What time is it? It is time for change!

There is much confusion about how each person, business and community globally, has affected biodiversity. The ways in which biodiversity is being effected can been seen all around. We read about in the news, from the changes with coral refs and the affects that come to small communities from oil spills. But what we as a community both small and large, don't know is that any step towards accecptance that these harsh ways are effecting today and our future environment to come, can be changed in simple measurable ways, taking small steps can make a big difference.

One company in particular, an electric company is taking a leap of faith and setting an example for many companies around. Mitsubishi Electric is about instilling in its employees a better way of not only producing a product that people need, but finding ways to manage waste and understanding the environment that is being affected by this production and protecting it.
The company has put together an employee participation activity which they have so eloquently called the "living creatures study" that is included in their primary work duties "to help all employees understand the relationship between business activities and biodiversity, and incorporate this understanding into their day-to-day activities." This includes the employee to manage the ecosystem surrounding the company, understanding how it works and how to preserve it for future generations. Much can be learned from Mitsubishi Electrics 85 years of experience in business and the willingness to create an environment which works for a better today, tomorrow and future.

Follow the link below to learn more about the small steps this big heart-ted company is taking to make a difference, setting an example of small steps towards big change.

blog author:Michelle Connolly