Want to Avoid Palm Oil?

7 Tips for Avoiding Palm Oil

Here’s some great ways you can increase your awareness of and avoid purchasing products with Palm Oil:
  1. Remember that ‘vegetable oil’ is the most common name use to hide palm oil. This is especially true for Asian products or products which have been produced in Asia.
  2. The majority of pre-packed snack foods produced by large companies generally contain palm oil.
  3. If saturated fat content is over 40% of a product’s total fat content, palm oil is most likely involved.
  4. Palm oil is labeled under many names (see link for complete list), and nearly all of those with the word “palm” refer to palm oil.
  5. Most home-brand/no-name pastry/confectionery  products contain palm oil.
  6. You can always look a product up online or call the company if you are not sure whether or not it contains palm oil.
  7. Products which contain alternative vegetable oils are another way to avoid palm oil. Do your research!
For more information, including photo tutorials for how to look for palm oil, visit:  http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/palm-oil.php