Project POTICO

As part of Indonesia's REED+ strategy, the World Resource Institute (WRI) is planning on moving new palm oil plantations onto degraded land rather than encroaching on natural forest. This project is called project POTICO and it pursues to enable sustainable palm oil expansion. At first, the idea is to pursue these goals on small scale as part of a pilot project and then scale it up across the country.

What is degraded land?

Degraded land is land that has lost some degree of its natural productivity due to human-caused processes.”

The definition is somewhat vague, and in the case of project POTICO, experts are looking at areas with low carbon stock which means the ability of land to absorb carbon out of the air.

This approach to the palm-oil industry allows for the expansion of plantations as well as the protection of natural forest in Indonesia. For more information about project POTICO, visit this website.