Many benefits of palm oil

An interesting aspect of the discussion about palm oil is that, despite the fact that there is a hot argument on whether or not palm oil is sustainable, the truth is, it is used in so many products, not just foods, that one would wonder why there is a debate when palm oil is consumed on a daily basis. In fact, palm oil is featured in products such as lotions, so, even without eating it, we still enter into contact with it more than just a couple of times a week. As such, whether it is a good thing or not should not matter as much as it does. However, there are many reasons to believe that palm oil is sustainable oil. The American Palm Oil Council (APOC) is an organization that dedicates itself to advocating palm oil as a healthy and sustainable choice. Their website features a list of positive aspects of palm oil, and, upon closer analysis, we see that these benefits are actually the reason why this oil is considered "multi-purpose." Some of the advantages of palm oil listed on the website include the fact that it is rich in anti-oxidants, odorless and tasteless, which makes it convenient for cooking purposes, and most compelling is the fact that, based on studies undertaken on animals, it may have the capability to inhibit certain types of cancer. Such a discovery is extremely interesting, and could reveal groundbreaking if researches are pushed further and makes concrete the hopes that are being put in that oil.