Green Palm Sustainability

The solution seems simple enough; buy products that contain sustainably produces palm oil. Unfortunately, things are not quit that easy. A recent article shows, that the label which stands for sustainable palm oil isn't without fault.

“However, critics say the trademark may confuse rather than reassure the average shopper. Products such as chocolate or cakes, stamped as containing sustainable palm oil, will be allowed to include up to 25 per cent non-sustainable oil under RSPO rules. Those labeled “mixed” may, in some cases, contain no sustainable oil.”

As mentioned in previous posts, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is faced with difficult challenges that go beyond putting a simple label on some product. There are a variety of groups involved in the process, each with their own agenda. The article goes on and states that there are some that just want a quick solution and others that want the perfect solution which is more complicated for the consumer and takes more resources to implement.

Fact is, that the RSPO is trying to better the situation. It might be a hard way, but certainly worth fighting for.