How does Palm Oil affect Orangutans?

There has been a dramatic decrease in the Orangutan population specifically because of the issues going on with palm oil. The major deforestation that is occurring with palm oil is giving these animals less and less space to live. Habitat is becoming extremely limited and becoming further and further apart. So when these Orangutans are without a home and looking for a new place to live, they are often caught in palm oil fields. When this occurs they are unknowingly trespassing and farmers and legally able to kill them on the spot to protect their crops. Alternatively, it is unlikely that these animals are going to be able to survive in the environments with lack of food, space, and resources. And during the deforestation from fires, there are many slow-moving orangutans that are burned alive in the process. As long as this issue continues, there will be no habitat left and orangutans will become extinct.

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