Girl Scout Cookies and Palm Oil

Who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookies? I know every year around the same time I start getting those cravings for Samoas and Tagalongs. BUT did you know that in 2006 the Girl Scouts decided to reduce the amount of trans fat from their cookies by replacing the ingredients with palm oil. Two young Girl Scouts started a campaign a few years back to remove palm oil from the cookies or to use only sustainably grown palm oil. The problem with that, however, is only 6% of palm oil is grown sustainably. The Girl Scouts claim that they cannot create new recipes for the cookies and that they have to be made with palm oil. A very good point from the article states, "Girl Scout cookies have been made since 1917 and palm oil was only added in 2006. There must have been a recipe sometime in the last 94 years that had neither palm oil nor trans-fats."

What will you do when Girl Scout cookie season comes along? Support a foundation that has been around for almost 100 years or support our environment that is continuously being bulldozed for an unnecessary ingredient?