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In prior posts, EcoMerge team members have:
Discussed the uses of palm oil in our daily life and the high demand for this low-cost vegetable oil throughout the world.
Pointed out the damage and destruction most present day production involves: deforestation, inhumane labor practices, slavery, species endangerment, and displacement.
Offered insights into how companies, consumers and producers can work together to change our approaches to palm oil.
This post addresses the question:

"As a consumer, what products can I be assured are addressing the palm oil problem?" 
Avon, a $10 billion revenue company for beauty and cosmetic products, has recently launched a worldwide fundraising project, Hello Green Tomorrow, which is committed to covering 100% of their palm oil use in sustainable production certificates through GreenPalm. The beauty company’s “Palm Oil Promise” expresses their intentions.
GreenPalm is a trading company supported by the RSPO  (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) which “works by enabling a financial premium to be earned by producers who can prove they are environmentally and socially responsible, who are not destroying primary forest, and who develop plans to continually improve their operations.”
Avon has also joined forces with the RSPO along with other popular names to follow an international certification standard in sustainable palm oil practice. 
Other RSPO members:
—Golden Foods/Golden Brands
—SC Johnson and Son
—Seventh Generation
—The Body Shop
—The Boots Group
—Twincraft Soap
—Ventura Foods
There are many more names worldwide, but not enough. Do your part by supporting companies that support a sustainable future.