The Story of Stuff

I recently moved, and most would agree that there is no greater eye opener than moving. I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had accumulated over one year, and in 750 square feet no less! This stuff reminded me of an e-mail I received not too long ago that linked to a video all about stuff, the creation, use, and disposal of consumer's stuff. The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute video on the journey of stuff, and the impact on not only the environment, but the economy, political landscape, culture, society's health and well being, etc.

Thinking of this discussion of paper versus plastic led me to think about the overarching systemic problem, we have become a society reigned by stuff. This entire blog is only devoted to the bags that carry our stuff! Look at all the problems this alone is causing. This documentary is fast paced, fresh, and very insightful into the overall problems caused by consumerism and stuff, really makes one ponder their role in this detrimental linear system.

I have now vowed to reduce my amount of "stuff". Because I know that I don't want to become that overwhelmed when moving, and I won't even mention the number of paper, plastic and reusable bags I found.