Reusable Bags Please!

Reusable Bags Please!

            A raging debate exists over whether paper or plastic is a better option all around the world. Both options have significant benefits and drawbacks, but one thing remains certain though: No one can come up with a solution that appeases both sides of the issue. The reason is that there is no clearly defined benefit that stands out over the downside potential of each bag type. However, some viable solutions do exist, and are quickly becoming mainstay options in America and the rest of the world, including the use of reusable bags.

            Many environmentalists argue that the best way to transport groceries is by using reusable bags. These are generally high in quality and can be used many times before they deteriorate and break. Because they are not tossed aside, they help to protect the environment and keep harmful products out of the landfills and save animals that are susceptible to plastic bags especially. Based on the calculations of some experts, the world consumes more than 1 million plastic bags per minute. This staggering figure is only growing by the year.

            As maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used in the United States each year, and out of those, 100 billion are plastic shopping bags, which cost retailers 4 billion dollars annually to purchase. One thought to reduce plastic bag consumption is to place tax on their use. This would help to curb their use and help to mitigate any problems to the environment and help to save the world we live in.



  1. I appreciate it. I'm often telling my cashier that I'd rather bulk up my bags... With the way some of them bag, I can fit 5 "bags" worth of products into one plastic bag and 10 "bags" of stuff into one reusable bag. Its heavy, but it sure beats hauling around 10 doubled plastic bags with 2 items each... such waste! Having extra plastic bags around to pick up after my dog is nice, but vegetable bags from the grocery work just as well for that purpose.
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