Plastic bag news round up

While the plastic bag ban is hitting close to home in Oregon, other parts of the world are also currently banning the bag.

Just to the south of us in California, Santa Monica has started their own ban on plastic bags.  As of March 9, single use plastic bags are banned completely from supermarkets, liquor stores and pharmacies, however, certain types of plastic bags will still be allowed to be distributed for purchases made at other types of stores.  There is now currently a small charge for paper bags.

Further away, in Bangalore, India, there is also a ban on certain types of plastic bags going into effect. While many seem to be on board, there is some skepticism on whether or not the government will do what they can to enforce the ban.

In addition to bag bans, plastic bags are coming up in the news in another way as well. Krogers and Safeway grocery store chains are getting rid of the small rebate that is given to customers who bring their own bags from home due to lack of public interest.

So while there are two steps forward to potentially helping the environment, there is one sort of step back.