99 Reuses for Plastic Bags

There are many converations today about what to do with the overabundance of plastic bags.  People ask if they are better and ultamatly "greener" to produce than paper bags, and what happens to them.  Are they recycled?  Do they end up in a land fill, or the ocean?  Large cooperations are making efforts to lessen the impact of massively producing such large quantities of plastic bags but my question is what can WE be doing?  Single consumers on a day-to-day basis can start to make a difference simply by using products in more ways than they were originally intended.  The link below leads to an article listing 99 ways that you, as a consumer, can use a plastic bag after bringing home your bag of groceries.  They are not special means of recycling or places you can go to protest landfills, but different used for somethig that's already made and in your home. If you can get five uses out of one bag instead of using five different bags then you can significantly lessen plastic bag waste and get the most out of what is produced.