I found a very informational website that elaborates on the pros/cons of paper and plastic bags and as I continued to read the details it really all boils down to the fact that plastic nor paper are good choices, but that we should try to make reusable bags our best option as opposed to paper or plastic. The site reuseit has a section that helps inform readers about different myths on paper and plastic bags . There are four main issues that paper and plastic bags have in common that in the end proves that neither paper or plastic is our only option. The first issue is the amount of energy and natural resources is takes  to produce paper and plastic bags, in turn showing that it takes four times as much energy to produce paper bags vs plastic. Other issues include pollution, recycling, and degradability- which talks about the facts that paper and plastic bags hardly degrad in our landfills due to the lack of important elements to make that process happen.

I feel like this website is very important for every one to read to see good hard facts on the pros and cons of paper and plastic and that those are not our only options, and that we should be thinking about reusing bags and that canvas bags should be our ideal choice.