Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Remember - The Five R's of Responsible Living!

It seems that our research has brought us to recognize the fact that while the debate about paper and plastic bags will continue, the effort to reduce the waste that we create should ever be on our minds. We can do that by learning to reuse items, recycle items that can be recycled, recover the impact we have already had on nature by planting a tree or donating to a green company, and most importantly, we should remember to do all these things.

I would like to blog about how we can take easy steps to do all five of these things. Today's blog will focus on an easy way to reduce waste.

There is no question that the plastic waste from water bottles is excessive. Americans buy half a million plastic bottles every week, which is enough to circle the globe five times. Also, the manufacturing of plastic bottles uses up enough oil to fuel over one million cars.

One easy way to reduce the waste of plastic water bottles is to purchase stainless steel water bottles. Stainless steel is a BPA free alternative that is 100% recyclable and therefore less harmful to the environment. It has excellent hygienic properties as stainless steel instruments are used as surgical instruments and medical implants. They have also been widely used in the food and drink processing, catering, etc. Because of the smooth surface of stainless steel, bacterial has a difficult time adhering to the surface and surviving. So stainless steel water bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic.

The next tip about what to fill the stainless steel water bottle with is found by watching this short video You will be glad you did because it will change the way you drink, and the way you think.