Paper or Plastic? A Infographic

I have been a huge fan of infographics for quite some time now so I spent some time (took longer than expected) to find a good one that conveys the significance of the argument between paper and plastic. This one I discovered in an archive from the Washington Post's website (click link to go directly to the site - Infographic). This graphic defines the characteristics within four key arenas of consumption, production, pollution, recycling, and whether if it is biodegradable.

Within this  graphic, I was surprised to find that the staggering number of 7 out of 10 Americans do not realize that plastic has origins stemming from petroleum products. I think with this in mind, this can be used in an information campaign (social marketing) to discourage the use of plastic. However, the same must be done for paper as well (pointing out the malicious byproducts of using digesting chemicals required to manufacture it) . Neither are sustainable nor viable long-term solutions.

Infographic: Paper or Plastic