An island named Plastic

A new island was discovered not too long ago in the Pacific Ocean. However, this discovery wasn’t an exciting one, as the island turned out to be compiled of garbage. The island is floating in the pacific, moving with the sea currants, collecting more and more debris that was thrown into the oceans on its path. The island is made out of various types of plastics found is bottles, shopping bags, packages and other man made products. Marine life is mistaking those new objects found in their natural environment as food, consuming them, and due to high levels of toxins as well as the inability to digest them, dying from it.
The fact that man made, toxic substances made their way to the sea and are killing marine life and sea birds should be an eye opener. Plastic is harsh on the environment, whether on land or floating in the sea. WE should focus our energies on spreading word and developing alternatives that would protect planet.
Captain Charles Moore On talking about his research: