Two shot in Overton Park amid families, fireworks

Urban legends are stories that are spread throughout generations and cultures, usually falsehoods that contain some element of horror or danger. That’s what masking gunfire with fireworks is, right? It’s just an urban legend that when fireworks are planned, people get shot because the shooters are using the sound of the fireworks to cover up the gunfire. Even though fireworks are loud, they cannot cover up the noise of a gun.

Nikki Bussey, in “Two shot in Overton Park amid families, fireworks,” came up with some support for the urban legend. Bussey wrote, “A man shot a woman, then turned the gun on himself in Overton Park on Friday afternoon while families picnicked nearby and children frolicked in a playground.” What was the scariest part of the story? That all of those families and children did not hear a thing! While some witnesses said they recognized the sounds as gunshots, other witnesses “sat at picnic tables, seemingly unaware of what had happened.” Memphis police Major Terry Landrum told Bussey the event could have been orchestrated to happen during the fireworks for that reason. According to the article, Landrum stated, “Occasionally, you’ll hear a firecracker [he said]. That can mask the sound of a gunshot.”

When fireworks are set off during city, town, or other major celebrations, some element of security is somehow enforced or there is at least a police presence. But when illegal fireworks are shot off in backyards, there is no way to tell if it was just someone having fun or if someone is trying to mask gun shots. In any case, not allowing for fireworks to be sold to the general public would certainly take the guess work out of it!

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Posted By (Abdulelah Alruwaished)