TNT Company

TNT Company

After reviewing the company website for TNT Fireworks, I was sickened by the fact that there was not information about safety or the possible injuries/effects caused by their products.

What I did find was that, rather than necessary info relating to safety, all that had to offer were size of effect (the color part), coupons to purchase the product, and where to buy the product. Granted there was a small sentence stating that TNT works with the local government and promotes educational programs in schools.

This is great and all, but what seems to be more disturbing is that rather than putting safety information on their site for references, they promote what they do for charities and the youth of today.  So often you see companies showing a soft side so the have the good publicity, but when there is a fall out or injury occurs from a product they produce, they do not own up to what has happened.  Essentially using the good they do as a crutch. 

You can review the site here: