New Year’s Fireworks Permitted in Anchorage

I found an article dealing with a time slot allowing fireworks in Anchorage, AK that I felt made a very good point with regard to knowing how to operate fireworks. 

Granted, I know our project is focusing on the effects on war veterns and pets, we also touch on the injuries that are caused by fireworks and the illegal use of.

In this article, it takes about how allowing fireworks to be used during the Holidays at the very least, will give parents a chance to show their children how to operate fireworks safely.  We see all to often, the things that become untouchable cause the most amount of impact.  I remember early in the class that, the use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve or independence days as being the problem, but the times in between those. 

One area this article touched on the was the wildlife scene in the area, which of course makes up a lot of moose.  The ordiance laid out in the article, viewable below, outlines where you are able to use fireworks during the holiday to minimize the amount of stress it may cause to the wildlife.

• in any central business district core, primarily the Downtown area
• in any property zoned as part of the public lands and institutions district
• within 500 feet of any hotel, motel, health care or assisted living facility, library, school, or church
• within 500 feet of any gas station
• in any location designated as a "noise-sensitive zone"
• in any location determined by the municipality to pose a fire danger

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