Avondale, AZ Restricts Use of Fireworks

According to AZCentral.com, residents of Avondale AZ will not longer be able to use fireworks, expect for what they call the deregulated kind.

The deregulated kind include snappers, snap caps, snakes, and sparklers; not to mention a handful of other items.

This law went into effect on Monday Dec 1st with a 6-1 council vote. As the Mayor states had local control been more effective in control the use of fireworks, this type of law would not have come to pass the way it has.

Avondale, AZ in using this law in hopes of showing just how far they will go to in order to stop the use of fireworks as well as show legislation that they can’t be pushed around. 

Not all of the residents are happy with this law that has been passed, not even Jason Colt who operates firework stands there. Colt cites 1 death and 40 injuries due to the use of fireworks and compares them to the number of bicycle  accidents in 2008.  There is not comparison to the difference, but what is not being looked at is the number of veterans/pets that are affected due to the disruption they cause. 

The law passed is not one that carries a small fine either, but is looked at with criminal intent making those liable for the fine and emergency response cost.

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