Applying Multiple Intelligences

Understanding “intelligence” as multilayered and multifaceted is fundamental in the construction of a successful blog and website. Because scientific study into human cognition has debunked the standard “bell curve” view of intelligence, we must adopt a more complex and deliberate form of rhetoric. By understanding the concept of “multiple intelligences,” it is possible to optimally utilize the “seven levers of mind change,” as well as the “four entities of mind change,” towards a more effective blog and website.

The seven levers of mind change (reason, research, resources and rewards, real world events, representational redescriptions, resonance, and resistance (Gardner; 15-19)) are the primary conduits through which the human brain accepts a change of opinion, and the four entities of mind change (concepts, stories, theories, and skills (Gardner; 19-22)) are the primary agents of change for each lever.

In this way, we can optimize the effectiveness of each lever by employing the four entities of mind change for each. This would be a very effective method because, as claimed by Gardner, “presenting multiple versions of the same concept can be an extremely powerful way to change someone’s mind” (10). Therefore, for each bit of information our blog/website tries to impart on the viewer, all seven levers of mind change should employed, each of which is corroborated by the four entities of mind change.

Now, getting to intelligence: Certain forms of intelligence are largely inaccessible through the internet medium (bodily-kinesthetic for example), while other are much more accessible (such as linguistic). In order for a blog/website to be successful, it must appeal to as many intelligences as possible because, also according to Gardner, “the more of an individual’s intelligences you can appeal to when making an argument, the more likely you are to change a person’s mind, and the more minds you are likely to change” (30). Therefore, on top of the seven levers and four entities, the blog should attempt to appeal to analyst, noncanonical, personal, and existentialist intelligences, as well as each of their subcatagories.

While the optimal utilization of multiple intelligences may appear a daunting task, it can be accomplished in very subtle ways. Advertising agencies employ these tricks-of-the-trade on a regular basis and are able to influence society on very powerful subconscious levels. By understanding intelligence and its multiple levels you possess a persuasive tool for effective mind change and the potential to create a highly successful website and blog.