Affect of Fire works on veterans

On the fourth of July. Many veterans tend to escape from fireworks. Theses veteran have old experiences from minefield explodes.  They find heading to quiet campsites, small family gatherings or the basement with earphones, the best for them and they do that because they usually pre-stage their dreams before bed, visualizing different endings.
 During the 4th of July depression, anxiety and drinking happened to increase more, According to two-tour military psychologist who manages the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), says” This time of year stressful—period.  Not to mention that the fourth of July also, is a huge flashback for pain and suffer that veteran suffered too.  According to Sardo, Many veterans are bothered less by the booms than the deeper questions the displays raise about what it means to go to war and lose a limb, friends or a view of the world as a healthy place.