Fireworks Ban

A fireworks ban is being discussed by the town council of Gilbert in Arizona. The ban would prohibit the sale and use of fireworks, which will become legal after November 30th if this ban is not put in place. A bill was recently signed by the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, which would legalize the production and purchase of fireworks by people sixteen or older. The fireworks covered in this bill are limited to consumer fireworks. This is defined as “ground and handheld sparkling devices, illuminating torches, flitter sparklers, and wheels” by the American Pyrotechnics Association. Fireworks that leave the ground and explode are not included in this bill. Opposition to this bill comes primarily from firefighters. Gilbert will not be the first city to approve a fireworks ban. Tempe, Cave Creek, Goodyear and Carefree have already approved bans of their own. Another major concern is that while children must be sixteen to purchase fireworks, there is no age requirement for use. So, in theory, sixteen year olds can purchase fireworks and give them to younger and potentially less responsible children to use. As of yet, no decisions have been reached and it is unclear what the results will be. It is safe to say, however, that the fires and public disruptions associated with fireworks are under careful scrutiny in Arizona as of late.

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