Don't Forget Sparklers

Help us get the word out! Sparklers might seem harmless, but actually they are not. In 2008, the National Fire Protection Association reported, 21% of fireworks injuries were from sparklers alone. This is the exact same percentage as firecrackers. Many people overlook the risks there are for sparklers. Just like other fireworks there are many safety tips that are specifically for sparklers. These include:

~ All children under 12 years old should have close adult supervision who need to teach children the proper way to handle sparklers.
~ Never throw sparklers
~ Light only one at a time
~ Light only your own sparkler
~ Always remain standing
~ Stand 6 feet or more away from others
~ Wear closed-toe shoes
~ Do not hold onto children while sparklers are lit
~ Keep a bucket of water that is accessible to instantly cool sparklers

In 2004, Maddi de la Cruz an unfortunate child was severely burned by a sparkler that ignited her shoe. As a result, Maddi received 2nd and 3rd degree burns. She underwent skin graft surgery to help regain her ability to walk. Maddi is unfortunately not the only child that has been severely burned by sparklers. So please take sparklers seriously and be careful of the dangers if not handled properly.