Fireworks explosion in Ocracoke, North Carolina kills a worker

How much damage can fireworks really cause? According to this article, fireworks can be completely fatal. This article talks about how a firework explosion that occurred killed a worker, which would be the third time that some one got killed in the same job position.

A third worker who had been preparing for an Independence Day celebration died from injuries suffered when a truckload of fireworks exploded on a dock at a remote North Carolina island, authorities said.

In eastern Pennsylvania, an employee of a fireworks company staging a July Fourth celebration was killed by a separate explosion and, elsewhere, about 25 people were injured when a pedestrian bridge collapsed at festivities in northwest Indiana, authorities said.

The North Carolina worker died late Saturday at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, said Hyde County spokeswoman Jamie Tunnell. Two other workers were injured in the blast that shook homes and businesses across the southern end of Ocracoke Island, but their conditions have not been released.

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