Explosion in Vietnam -- the Danger of Fireworks

Many of us are aware of the long term health effects of fireworks. But they are also dangerous, explosive devices. A few weeks ago, four people were killed in Vietnam were killed by one such explosion, while three other people were injured. The fireworks were intended for the upcoming 1000th birthday of Hanoi (the capitol of Vietnam). The explosion took place at one of the 29 places that were staged to set off the fireworks for this celebration, My Dinh National Stadium. People were not the only ones injured in this accident. Windows were smashed and the walls of buildings shook. There is not a great deal of information available about this incident since Vietnam, as a communist country, closely monitors it’s public media. The fireworks were supposed to be part of the grand finale of the celebration. The celebration cost the government millions of dollars.

This should serve as a reminder that, while fireworks can be fun and beautiful to look at, they are dangerous explosives. It is important to practice safety when handling fireworks, whether you are a professional or not. Among those who were injured in this instance, at least two were firework technicians.

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