Water pollution is a very important topic!!!!! Can this be expressed enough?? Okay in high school my favorite subject was English because it was simple and I was good at it. My least favorite was science because in my opinion it was boring- but we didn’t talk about the relevant stuff like water pollution, and the changes that the earth is going through at this very moment- or even how it affect my life! When I was in biology, and chemistry we learned about atoms, and protons and neutrons, and different animal kingdoms, and so on, but I wish we would have learned about interesting things that actually affect us, because then maybe I would have liked science just a little bit more.
I have been doing the research of various rivers and how water pollution affects it, and for my own curiosity, I had to look up water pollution in Oregon. I just had to. I found out that despite the fact that post people (including myself) believe that the largest source of water pollution comes from a pipe, such as from factories and sewage treatment plants, but in actuality the largest source of water pollution in Oregon’s rivers, lakes, and streams come from surface water runoff. This is a type of pollutions that comes from a variety of sources and can be hard to detect and control.
When it rains, water washes over driveways, roofs, agricultural lands, streets, lawns, constructions sites, logging operations picking up soil, garbage and toxics. The amount of pollution carried by rainwater, snowmelt, and irrigation water slowing into streams and lakes, and through the soil into groundwater is much lager than pollution from industry.
I was amazed at these facts. How often do people consider these things? As one walks by a construction site how often does the impact of the water pollution cross their minds?? These are the types of things that we, and future generations are responsible for reducing, and maybe preventing! We all know that it rains a lot in Oregon- My usual thoughts are about how much I like the smell, and hate having wet and dirty shoes, but never the results of the pollution that is caused. The amazing thing about technology these days is that we can spread the word quickly! We can do something now! My thought is that this is what should be taught in science classes!