Nowadays, the world becomes worse and worse. One of many things which cause the world becomes like that is global warming. Because of it, the temperature is not controlled. Sometimes we feel very cold, and sometimes we may feel so hot. This condition makes the diseases grow rapidly. Actually, there are many ways to solve this problem, for example is clean the environment or reducing the pollution. For the pollution, there are some ways more to reduce it. One of those ways is, using the hybrid car. It is used for reducing the air and sound pollution. Maybe, some of them still don’t know about the hybrid car. This kind of car is a car which uses one of more distinct power sources. Actually, the using of hybrid technology is used not only for a car but also for the other vehicles.
In this case, the one or more power source means that the car is not depended on one source. We can see nowadays that there are many cars which just use gasoline which pollute the environment. In hybrid concept, a car can be installed with two or more power source such as gasoline and hydrogen or electricity and gasoline. In those examples, we can see that gasoline is combined with the other power source. With that condition, we can limit the using of the gasoline which can be dangerous for the environment.

By Aldanah Bin Muammar