Beyond knowledge and awareness...

Beyond the advent and arousal of consciousness about any issue that so directly impacts us and our well-being is the concern about what we are to do with the knowledge, the awareness, the enlightenment that arouses concern. This can further be translated into a variety of different things: from personal actions that directly influence the specific issue that is the cause of concern to a personal, professional, or social drive to spread, promote and propagate the message, the cause and the fear of an ultimate end.
It is obvious that there is a deemed necessity to play upon the inherent fears of an individual in order to better grasp their attention and interest. Therefore, the "end of the world" or "doomsday" scenario garners so much interest and publicity these days. From movies to pseud-scientific evidence proving the descent of man into the abyss of self-destruction, it all screams of one thing only: time to sit up and take notice before we all are too deep in the quick sand to be able to save ourselves. The message, albeit loud and clear, does not ring personal. Until and unless there is a cause, a reason, a drive that propels an individual to investigate or equip themselves with the knowledge of any of these ecological issues at hand, the chances for a global or individual consciousness to be aroused are slim. But such a cause that compels us to sit up and take notice can indeed catch our fancy. From the unusual increase of natural disasters to drastic climate changes, everything hits the point home.
In end, I would like to surmise that we should all strive to go beyond ourselves and take personal responsibility to equip ourselves with the tool of knowledge, but not stop there. It is just as important to translate this knowledge into action. The action of self activation and more prominent action of "word of mouth" marketing for all these global causes that concern each individual as well as all of humanity.

Posted by Syed Qasimuddin,