A Wake Up Call

The recent incident of the oil leak in the Gulf and the subsequent disastrous efforts to contain the damage being done is nothing short of an environmental disaster. But it is fascinating to see how such a catastrophe has fluctuated in and out of the news. A disaster of this magnitude seems to gather relatively adequate coverage compared to the jail sentence of Lindsay Lohan. Regardless, the incident has once again propelled to the forefront of our consciousness the issue that is very personal to all of us, the issue of safeguarding our environment. The after-effects of the oil spill are now being experienced in the can serve as a wake up call as to how sensitive the balance of nature is all around us. There is much work to be done to get us out of this mess.
But as American Rivers, a non-profit dedicated to "standing up for healthy rivers so communities can thrive", has recently pointed out, the recent oil spill reminds us The Importance of our Great Waters. The article introduces several key issues that have been brought to the forefront and initiatives and bills have been passed and and introduced. From the Obama administrations “America’s Great Outdoors” initiative to the a bill specifically tailored to address the high levels of toxic contaminants polluting the Columbia River. This focus on the preservation of our rivers and water sources holds extreme value. It is, therefore, encouraging to witness the recent recognition of July as Florida Rivers Month. Then there is a growing consciousness and effort to highlight the personal usage of water within individual households that will propel it more to the forefront to understand our water usage and the resources thereof.
All these efforts and initiatives mark a shift in focus upon the level of vitality and importance that rivers and water resources close to us hold. The next step is to take this fight to each household and individual and really personalize this struggle. For this, it is impertinent to resound the places where the changing trend effect us directly, either through the impact it has on fishing, or the role that rivers can play in the production of energy and electricity and then there are the threats imposed upon these resources from industrialization.
Regardless of what aspect it is that appeals to you, it is important to pay attention to this issue because, even if it doesn't feel like it today, it is here at our doorstep and all the attention it is getting should serve as a wake up call.

Posted by Syed Qasimuddin,