Columbia River

The Columbia runs from Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada and flows south into Washington and then west between Washington and Oregon ending in the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia River is the 4th largest river in the U.S. and its heavy flow and steep gradient gives it potential for generation of electricity. The Columbia River is used to create hydro electrical energy and its one of the most developed systems in the world. It has hundreds of dams that run along the river bringing power to towns near by. These structures have made it possible for North westerners to be able to purchase electricity half the average U.S. price.
The Columbia is also a great place to find Salmon and Northern Squaw-fish as well as the Caspian terns. Part of the greatness of the Columbia includes the Multnomah Falls which is the 2nd highest year-round waterfall in the USA. Along the Columbia there are many activities available like camping, hiking, windsurfing, fishing, boating, etc. You can also find the Columbia River Maritime Museum located in Astoria Oregon.