Columbia River Finally Getting Attention

According to the aritcle, "Columbia River toxins moving up food chain" that was in the,
the Columbia River is finally getting the some attention from the EPA and other environmental organizations.  In the past the upper Columbia River in Washington has been in the shadows of Puget Sound in terms of research and preservation.  Although the Columbia is thought to be much cleaner than its former self back in the 1960's, some findings such as poisonous mercury vapor lamps and groundwater toxins related to the Hanford nuclear reactor that are moving towards it, have prompted much interest in toxin levels.  They have also found Sturgeon and Salmon to contain unacceptable levels of toxins that not only affect these wildlife but also the consumers of them.  Native Indians who consume on average, up to 11 times more than other Americans, have greatly increased chances of cancer due to these toxins.  Some parts of the Columbia have levels of toxins that are the same as some Rivers that are considered Federal Superfund sites.  As one of the six major rivers of the United States, its about time that the Columbia got some respect and hopefully some help for clean up.

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"Columbia River toxins moving up food chain"
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